About Us

For over 30 years Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. has focused on six main facets of the multi-family, recreational and resort real estate development industry, in Canada, the United States and now Mexico.

* Client Success Management & Consultant *
* Development Administration & Management *
* Project Concept & Development*
* Strategic Marketing Initiatives *
* Tactical Sales Protocols*
* Structured Investment *

Our proficiency and reputation in these specific fields of expertise are unblemished, having been involved in a significant number and wide variety of "End User" and "Investor Driven" multi-family developments and Resort Destination developments.

Over the last decade our primary focus has been in the Client Success Management field, where as Consultant we guide the client through the required processes to success in these disciplines.

An exemplary team of independent business professionals encompassing all areas of the required processes has been the driving force behind the company's success. Our Team of established expertise includes Architect, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Sales Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Exterior Facade Specialist, Landscape Design, Interior Design & Decoration, General Construction & Trades, Legal Counsel and Property Management.

Our client base includes Property Owners, Private Investors, Joint Venture Partners and Limited Liability Partners. This path has allowed us to develop two independent sales teams represented by In-House Sales Professionals and Investor Sales Specialists who are qualified to transact in each category of investment.

Our corporate philosophy is guided by the acquisition of multi-family, recreational and resort destination development friendly emerging markets with rising employment, where costs are competitive and residential requirements on the rise.  Our second philosophy directed by the acquisition of under-performing Class "B" and "C" properties where capital improvement and value enhancement allow for repositioning into the Investor or End User real estate market.

Clients / Investors achieve maximum asset growth and stability while methodically increasing net worth through appreciation, leverage, principal reduction, sales, cash flow and tax deduction.

We have been creating wealth and opportunity through multi-family real estate, resort and recreational property development / investment since 1988

Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. is an independently owned and operated corporation with Head Office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.