Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. was incorporated in the fall of 1987 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to facilitate the Sales and Marketing of existing multi-family real estate (Condominium Conversion). This process of re-developing existing multi-family real estate was in its absolute infancy in Alberta at that time, where it seemed the public at large was unaware of the affect this new process would have on the real estate market in North America and around the world. The continuous evolution of the Corporation and methods evolved over the years solidifying the trust and respect of its clients and investors worldwide.

The companies founder Cody Z. Lamoureux and the Corporation itself was shaped by moments of inspiration, perseverance, courage and insight. During "Boom Times" we often saw condo converters come out of the woodwork to take advantage of the "Quick Buck", and disappear just as fast as the markets slowed. Market Vision has been consistently active and still remains strong and focused in a business where stability, client service and quality product dictate the future.

In the fall of 1987, after a crucial introduction was made to a Toronto Corporation with substantial multi-family real estate holdings in Calgary, Market Vision solidified its position within this new development process in Calgary. This client relationship thrived for many years as that corporation owned and operated in excess of seven hundred condominium title units in five well located properties in Calgary. Although the Corporation began with a sales and marketing focus, those procedures naturally evolved into the complete administration, coordination and supervision of all Condominium Conversion procedures. Each element was managed and supervised with perfection, as units were fully renovated, marketed and sold under professional circumstance in a timely fashion.

In 1990 another opportunity was presented, allowing Market Vision the chance to expand into New Development Condominium where the administration, coordination and supervision of six New Townhouse Condominium Developments were awarded to the company. These smaller townhouse developments encompassed one hundred and eleven units, completely built out, marketed and sold out prior to 1994 year end. In the first six years the company had successfully developed and sold in excess of eight hundred units in a combination of Condominium Conversion and ground up New Development Condominium projects.

There were several occasions since those early days where the corporation developed, marketed and completely sold out between three and six condominium conversion and enhancement projects in a single year. When we refer to complete condominium conversion improvement or the ground up advancement of new development condominium, we mean every aspect, component and course of action the process may involve. The fact the corporation has been solely owned and operated has allowed continuous growth as a dedicated and worthy opponent within the industry. Market Vision has built a core group and extended team of independent business professionals who provide a consistent and proficient level of certified as well as specialized service to the Corporation for nearly three ​decades. The steadfast loyalty established is due in part to the fact the corporation in its own success has provided reliable and constant business, which intern as created success for each individual on every level.

​The Corporation has been responsible for over fifty new development and condominium conversion projects and along with providing additional consulting services can be credited with the sale of approximately three thousand five hundred (3,500) condominium units in Canada and the United States. Over the years the corporation has carried out substantial business on its own behalf, with an established, unblemished reputation built on client service and satisfaction. Market Vision is the only full service corporate entity qualified to conduct every component of the multi-family real estate business, whether new development or condominium conversion for the client, investor or corporation we are aware of in Alberta.

In 2010 when Canada began the tedious process of recovery post world recession, it once again became evident that absolute change was in the air, and what was prior to the recession would never be the same again. Based on new client, investor and corporate interest as well as the dissolution of past philosophies, the decision to "Reach for the Stars" became the driving force behind our resolve to restructure the entire corporation and once again recapture the power, leading with intuition and vision for our future.

In January 2010, at the request of the Founder and President Cody Z. Lamoureux, Ms. Francesca Serafini became the newest addition to the Market Vision team as Principal and Chief Financial Officer of the corporation Ms. Serafini has shown herself to be a irreplaceable member of the core group and solely responsible for the entire corporate restructuring process. The focus, discipline, business ethic and acumen Ms. Serafini brings as a Principal of Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. is unparalleled. Her sixth sense and visionary approach to business is driven by perfection and attention to detail.

In January of 2010 Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. was split into two separate and independent entities with an additional two new concept corporations to be initiated in the spring of 2015 or sooner. Condominium Conversion Consultants Inc. is the new corporate entity in charge of facilitating the re-development of all existing multi-family real estate in Canada and the United States. The concept corporation e-motion Venture Capital Corp., will facilitate the funding requirements of New Development Condominium and Conversion Condominium through Private Funding, Joint Venture Partnership and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP).

The concept corporation RetireSmart Inc. is a philanthropic adventure which will allow us the privilege and opportunity to literally house humanity. In watching our own evolution we have also witnessed the evolution of the public, the city and country as a whole. The demographic is changing and we either keep up or get left behind. At RetireSmart Inc. we have decided to "Set the Standard" for the initiation of a prolific opportunity to not only give back to the ideology and philosophy that guides our vision, but to move forward with the creation of an innovative and philanthropic opportunity to embrace the aging population of Canada.

The new RetireSmart Inc. program is not real estate speculation as it is our intention to fill a void in the multi-family marketplace that is long overdue and a definite requirement for the neglected +55 and +65 segment of Canada's population. This concept is an absolute necessity based on the fact that the Canadian population is ageing, as literally millions of "Baby Boomers" will retire each and every year in Canada from this point forward.

The focus of Market Vision Real Estate Strategies is on multi-family investment markets as an "Investor Driven" entity, where New Development Condominium or Conversion Condominium investment creation and opportunity attract all classes of investor, whether an unassuming individual, sophisticated/accredited investor or Corporate entity. We continue to align ourselves with like-minded Individuals, Partnerships and Corporations where the main focus is new development condominium or the acquisition and divestment of under performing existing multi-family assets, in Western Canada and the United States. The company continues to position itself with properties that offer attractive growth opportunity and value for our investors and clients. We have proven income producing multi-family real estate is a hard asset class offering cash flow and equity growth. We believe this hard asset class should be utilized more often as an investment portfolio stabilizer.

At Market Vision Real Estate Strategies, we strive to be the "Champion" of the Investor as the very same qualities that make an individual successful in life's endeavors also apply to real estate investment. We believe every decision made as an investor should be based on a vision of your financial future and how to methodically achieve positive results. It is our intention to educate clients on the market and design an investment strategy to complement and interact with a specific marketplace. Our philosophy of guidance allows the prudent investor to develop competence in the basic process of multi-family real estate investment including the market in which they choose to invest. For years Market Vision has experienced our clients and like-minded investors, promote and facilitate this multi-family vision while cultivating respect for our history of success in this unique investment setting.