Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. is a Development, Marketing, Sales and Consulting based Corporation specializing in Multi-Family and Resort Real Estate. We align ourselves with like-minded Individuals, Partnerships and Corporations where the focus is New Development Condominium, Resort Property development or the acquisition and divestment of under-performing existing multi-family assets in Western Canada, the United States and Mexico. Market Vision positions itself with properties that offer a creative concept, attractive growth opportunity and value for our investors and clients.

We provide the leadership required to successfully manage the development and building processes. We are the catalyst that brings all of the project’s stakeholders together in a timely and effective manner. As the Client’s Representative, we also serve as integral and effective leaders of the development team by managing and monitoring progress, facilitating the decision-making, and serving as project liaisons in our dedication to delivering effective solutions for our client’s benefit.

Over the years we have developed fundamental guidelines with regard to the proper preliminary due diligence processes required in the purchase, development and sales of multi-family development or re-development properties. Those same stringent guidelines are also part of the pre-qualification process with regard to Individuals, Partnerships and Corporations where we are considering the potential for future business and/or partnership.

We have had great success with income producing multi-family real estate development as a hard asset class offering cash flow and equity growth and believe it should be utilized more often as an investment portfolio stabilizer. Multi Family Real Estate is an income producing "Tangible" asset as opposed to a virtual paper-based asset.

Client Success Management

At Market Vision Real Estate Strategies, we demonstrate and verify success when our clients achieve their desired outcome through their interaction with our company. We ascertain their specific goals and how they plan on achieving those goals and then actively create a working proposal or blueprint to move them forward toward that objective. Client Success Management is the process of methodically creating an ever-evolving working plan and experience to achieve the desired result.

Based on our experience there is a variety of fundamental processes involved in Client Success Management, with regard to Multi-Family and Resort Property Development. Each client has a specific desired outcome and it is our job to segment the proposed program into the type and level of attention required to achieve the end result. By establishing specific processes, we ensure the client is moving toward success with a clear vision of what to expect at each milestone. With a clear vision, joint accountabilities can be accessed and managed on the path to future expansion.

Client Success Management requires appropriate proactive intervention to not only determine the status of joint accountabilities, but to move the client from one milestone to the next in a concise and timely fashion. In Multi-Family and Resort Property Development it is not only prudent to track your financial progress to established goals, but to also track and access the activity from all marketing and sales media. This practice will create a clear vision of the target market, demographic, level of interest and the success of specific objectives.

With a creative plan and proper tracking procedures, we become intimately familiar with client requirements, accurately determine project needs, drive the company toward success, work with Principals to develop and drive corporate strategy and optimize the Clients journey.

Resort Property Development

For the past decade Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. has participated in a number of successful Multi-Family Resort Property developments in Western Canada, specific markets within the United States and now in Mexico. As practitioners, we facilitate the Development Administration & Management, Project Concept & Development, Strategic Marketing Initiatives, Tactical Sales Protocols and Structured Investment in these resort or recreational property vacation destinations.

We have chosen this market niche as it allows us to participate in business processes, encompassing activities that fit within our corporate model that range from the renovation of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land for the sole purpose of development.

We are committed to consistently providing enjoyable recreation, a safe environment, and memorable vacation experiences for every Owner, Guest and Staff Member. We accomplish this through excellence in service, innovation, and anticipation of our Clients ever changing needs and expectations. We are dedicated to building extraordinary projects for our homeowners and strong, profitable relationships with our partners. Every new development begins with a unique vision, drawing inspiration from the local surroundings. Then, building materials and architectural details are carefully considered, resulting in development that is more than just structurally sound — they are a living, breathing community on their own.

New Development Condominium & Apartment

Although we are equipped to handle every facet of the new development process on our own behalf, we often align ourselves with alternate Developers that we deem secure and qualified to perform on their investment obligations throughout the process. In new development, "Timing is Everything" which is where experience becomes the critical asset to the Development, Marketing and Sales program. Initially and in most cases this is where the Sophisticated and Accredited Investor participate in the equity portion of the proposed development. Venture or Seed Capital may be acquired in many different forms, although Joint Venture Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is most commonly used by our team to facilitate a new development project. The achievement of our projected "Return on Investment" is paramount to secure Investor loyalty and confidence in future investment opportunities. During the presale or rental and construction period the individual condominium title units will be sold into the End User and Investor markets as primary or income producing residences, thus achieving our projected "Return on Investment" for the investor in an equity position. Where the individual condominium units are sold directly back into the Investor market in lesser quantities, a completely new investment synopsis will be designed, developed and offered to this class of investor for their consideration.

Conversion Condominium

Condominium Conversion is our preferred investment vehicle as the re-development of an existing hard asset reduces the timeline to completion and minimizes investor risk as properties are purchased at well below replacement cost. Our corporate philosophy is guided by the acquisition of under-performing Class "B" and Class "C" properties where capital improvement and value enhancement of the asset allow for the strategic repositioning into the Investor and End User real estate market. This time tested process creates future value for the End User or Investor through maximum asset growth and stability, while methodically increasing our client's net worth. This value is not only created on the purchase, but also through asset appreciation, leverage, principal reduction, cash flow and tax deduction. Through operational efficiencies and professional management techniques we are able to further enhance value by rental increase, reduced operating costs, reduced vacancy, which will insure cash flow increases after recovery of capital expenses. As a rule we focus on potential developments under two hundred units in Class "A" and Class "B" locations where a well established infrastructure is an essential part of future value.


Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. focuses on five main facets of the multi-family real estate industry. It is our mission to source and qualify multi-family real estate opportunity and investment for our Investors and Clients.

Development Administration & Management

Project Concept & Development

Strategic Marketing Initiatives

Tactical Sales Protocols

Structured Investment


Development Administration & Management

Over the years our expertise and skill have developed to the point where the Company's proficiency and reputation in this particular discipline is well known throughout our sphere of influence. We are qualified to coordinate and facilitate most every facet of the New Development Condominium and Condominium Conversion processes from original design and concept, through the construction, marketing and sales procedures on our own behalf or for the Client / Investor. As stated earlier, our ability to reposition multi­family real estate into the "End User" or "Investor" marketplace by creating future value for both, has been the key to the success of both Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. and Condominium Conversion Consultants Inc. In short multi­family real estate and development management is a people business and our greatest asset is the ability to move through a development on time and on budget while pleasing the public and the Developer, keeping the team motivated and positive. Over the years we have developed general Management & Administration criteria that fit our established guidelines in basically every development situation, which include but are not limited to;

  • Responsibility for the planning and development of assigned projects;
  • Provide leadership to the team of in-house and external resources;
  • Create and meet project objectives consistent with company vision and mission;
  • Identify and access opportunity that contributes to Developers capacity;
  • Aid in the development of project objectives, pro-forma's, plans, schedules and budgets;
  • Monitor project costs and variances from budgets;
  • Lead the project team through approved pre-development objectives;
  • Quarterbacking the team through land acquisition, design, approvals, construction, marketing and sales;
  • Provide relevant development information to team members in a timely fashion;
  • Retain appropriate Consultants and guide them through project design and implementation;
  • Manage approval process and secures regulatory and municipal approvals in accordance with the Developers objectives;
  • Informs Management of any potential issues that may affect a successful completion of the project;
  • Contributes to long term strategic plan by identifying potential future development opportunities;
  • Assists in the evaluation and due­diligence of any multi­family acquisitions;
  • Stay current on market trends, rental markets, amenities & potential suit configurations desired by the public as buyers;
  • Stay up­to­date on local competition, market conditions and relevant bylaws, regulations and guidelines;
  • Represent Company at industry functions, associations and community events;
  • Seeks out innovative trends in the development industry to create and ensure leading edge product.
  • Setting and communicating high level goals and objectives, managing performance and providing ongoing feedback to the Developer;
  • Foster positive working relationships with team members, investors, customers and strategic alliances;
  • Working knowledge of finance, principals of managing budgets, development pro­forma's and investment returns;
  • Ability to review, analyze and effectively critique project plans, details specifications, schedules and contract documents;
  • Able to network, build and maintain good working relationships with all stakeholders in the corporate environment;
  • Patience and diplomacy for negotiating and conflict resolution;
  • Business acumen and above all, Street Smarts;

Strategic Marketing Initiatives

We ensure profitable sales and growth, through our experience, proven processes as well as keen financial acumen. Our corporate model focuses on the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging multi-family real estate investment opportunity and qualified offerings to clients, partners, investors, corporations and society at large with like mind and vision.

When marketed properly multi-family real estate can take on a life of it's own as every development, location and market are completely different. Many factors are considered prior to the initial launch of a new or conversion condominium development. Once the potential opportunity and investment is created, it is crucial to identify the investor and purchaser markets to determine construction style or re-development specifications. In some cases psychographic and demographic studies are undertaken to establish exactly who the buyer will be for the specific product.

We have developed a unique process of qualifying the "Market Vision Brand" which is completely different from the competition, by thinking "Outside The Box" and looking at the "Big Picture". We align ourselves with the right people consistently introducing alternate investment options through the development of new product in expanding markets, giving our people exciting prospects and choices. Our proactive approach and innovative solutions have allowed us to not only survive, but thrive, create value, grow and endure.

Structured Investment

The key to successfully employing Structured Multi-Family Real Estate Investment into the investor's portfolio is to be able to clearly define the investor's market view and risk tolerance. We strive to identify the appropriate investments for our clients based on several criteria including; Investment knowledge, long term investment objectives, cash flow & growth potential, protection of capital along with full and adequate disclosure.

We minimize the risk by linking the financial instrument to that of an underlying hard asset class. Generally, for every advantage of the structured investment and its performance, there will be some trade-off that the investor will need to accept, such as the unpredictability of the real estate market as a whole. The greater the degree of specificity provided, the greater the likelihood that the investor will be able to achieve their objectives through this type of structured investment.

There has been more wealth and financial stability created through real estate than any other investment media. At Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. we source stable investment opportunity created to meet specific needs that can not be met by the standardized financial instruments available in the markets. Structured investment in multi-family real estate can be used as an alternative to the direct investment in paper based assets. It may also be used in the asset allocation process to reduce portfolio risk exposure or to utilize and take advantage of current or potential market trends.

Project Concept & Development

For over twenty-seven years Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. has been directly involved in the Development of new and the re-development of existing real estate in Western Canada. Our proficiency and reputation in this specific field of expertise is unblemished, having been involved in a large number and wide variety of "End User" and "Investor Driven" multi-family developments.

An exemplary team of independent business professionals encompassing all areas of the required processes has been the driving force behind the company's success. Our Team of established expertise includes Architect, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Roofing Specialist, Exterior Facade Specialist, Landscape Design, Interior Design & Decoration, General Construction & Trades, Legal Counsel and Property Management.

Be they High-Rise Apartment, Low­Rise Apartment, Townhouse, Stacked Townhouse, Warehouse, Loft, or Mixed-Use Business / Residential, in Wood Frame or Concrete Construction, our team is well qualified to do the work! Although we are qualified to complete this process on our own behalf, we also build to suite or convert for our existing or new clients.

Full Service Condominium Related Skills:

* Project Consultation * Feasibility Studies * Marketing Plans * Demographic Studies * * Psychographic Studies * Retail Project Sales Training * Project Coordination & Management * * C.M.H.C. Negotiation & Implementation * High Level Contract Negotiation * Sales & Marketing * * Project Budgeting * Documentation Production * Marketing Material Design & Production * * Show Suite Design & Decoration * General Contracting * Architectural Services * Source Financing * * Legal Packages * Advertising (Budgeting, Design & Implementation) * * Internet Project Marketing *

Implementation & Coordination Of The Following Services:

* Reserve Fund Replacement Studies * Roofing Reports * Engineers Studies (PTC Reports) * * Phase I & II Environmental Studies * Structural Engineers Studies * Mechanical Engineers Studies * * Retail & Wholesale Appraisals *

Tactical Sales Protocols

In sales there is one constant, which is the fact that there are always two separate and independent parties to the successful sales transaction. The key is to not only know your product, but to know your market as every development and location is completely different and each project unique. In the sale of multi-family real estate there are several different processes utilized to capture the interest of the potential client, whether investor or end user. Our experience and expertise in multi-family real estate sales and the "Market Vision Brand" awareness strategy has allowed us to focus on five styles of selling which complement our corporate model and philosophy. Different clients have distinctive motivations and therefore diverse expectations with regard to the sales process and final result. We have identified conceptual, solution, strategic, transactional and relationship selling as the basic blend of techniques utilized by our end user sales team and investor sales specialists.

Marketing and sales differ greatly but have the very same goal as marketing improves the sales environment, achieving an increase in the number of transactions or sales volume between potential clients and the organization. Volume motivated promotional techniques such as database marketing, create genuine interest, attracting the potential client to the corporate website for specific information. This practice intern promotes direct contact with the principals of the company and allows the potential client to interact with the organization via social media such as Facebook, Linked-in or Twitter. We believe that a successful sales strategy can be achieved when the in-bound internet marketing and the out-bound electronic and traditional procedures are balanced. Social media is here to stay and knowing how to leverage social media to achieve the desired result and identify your brand is vital to corporate and personal success. Technology gives us an online presence and keeps our brand in the fore-front of the clients mind.

In our opinion the sale of multi-family real estate whether for private use or for investment purposes is a one-on-one environment, where structured sales processes seek to entice potential client contact, directly or through social media and inevitably "Through the Door" for a face-to-face opportunity to build a lasting business relationship. The principals of Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc. are personally involved in every sale and have worked together for years to create a high performance and effective sales force, where collaboration, innovation and synergy guide our processes. We deliver leadership, expertise and value to our clients and the industry as a whole, which is paramount in today's business climate. Honesty and integrity are integral to who we are and what we do, confidentiality is everything.