As a career entrepreneur, Cody Z. Lamoureux began his life in Real Estate as a Residential Realtor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the late 1980's. This entrepreneurial spirit quickly allowed him to identify his particular niche in Condominium Conversion, which was in its absolute infancy in Alberta at that time. Beginning in condominium sales he quickly diversified into project administration and coordination which lead to the incorporation of Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc.

Over the years his expertise and skill has developed to the point where his proficiency and reputation in the Multi-Family and Resort Property Development Industry is unrivaled as one of the only individuals in Alberta qualified to coordinate and facilitate every facet of the New Development Condominium, Condominium Conversion and Resort Property Development process from original design and concept to the final sale, for the client or investor. As the controlling entity, his ability to reposition multi-family and resort real estate into the "End User" and "Investor" marketplace by creating future value for both, has been the key to his success and that of Market Vision.

Out of necessity due to an increasing client-based interest, corporate diversification became paramount in early 2010, where specialization and Client Success Management is a prerequisite to performance and application. Over the past 31 years, he has single handedly built and maintained a dedicated team of loyal and qualified business professionals who rival any in the multi-family industry in Western Canada.

Cody Z. Lamoureux is the President & CEO of Market Vision Real Estate Strategies Inc., and is the highest-ranking corporate officer / administrator, in charge of total management and organization. His corporate responsibilities are far reaching, typically enshrined in a formal delegation of authority. His responsibilities as a communicator, decision maker, leader, manager and executor are well respected within the industry. The role as communicator has involved the press, public, as well as the organization's management and employees; this high-level decision-making role generally involves policy and strategy. As the leader of the corporation he advises the principals, motivates employees and drives change within the organization, as a manager he presides over the organization's day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year operations. He has a strong interest in the success of the organization and the individuals who work hard for its success.

His personal and corporate reputation with the Investor and End User markets is unblemished in his thirty-one year real estate and development career. A strong belief in the one-on-one approach to his business has allowed him to create lasting business relationships, where the client often buys or reinvests time and time again. At this point in his career, he views himself as a Multi-Family Real Estate Consultant who excels at the creative process and is passionate about his chosen endeavors.

He is personally responsible for the development, marketing & sales of over fifty (50) New Development Condominium and Conversion Condominium projects. He has personally sold over thirty-nine hundred (3,900) individual condominium units and an additional twenty (20) bulk project sales, in excess of $400 M in total gross sales volume.

" Housing Humanity by creating quality and affordable living spaces and developing resort destination properties has been my way of giving back to the ideology and ethical practices that I hold so close. I can honestly say that going to work is pure pleasure every single day, I love what I do. "

Cody Z. Lamoureux